Bio-Trans N' (Anti-Transpiration Agent)

Crop Enhancement

A trusted plant anti-transpiration and anti-stress agent.

What is Bio-Trans N'

Bio-Trans N' is a transpiration inhibitor plant coating which protects the plant from excessive sunlight, thus reducing transpiration. It can be viewed as a protective shield against water loss and as a plant stress inhibitor.

Why use Bio-Trans N'

Plant water loss occurs when plants are exposed to excessive sunlight or during drought-like conditions as well as exposure to cold wind which causes a significant amount of water absorbed from soil returning to the atmosphere via plant transpiration. This affects potential metabolic processes which reduces plant food production and increases plant stress. Bio-Trans N' is the ideal product for inhibiting such excessive transpiration. Bio-Trans N', when applied, becomes a transparent and flexible coating on the leaves, foliage and stems of the plant. This coating prevents excessive water loss but at the same time retains the plants ability to uptake and release gasses. Essentially, all of the plants metabolic mechanisms are preserved EXCEPT for the loss of water vapour.

Benefits of Bio-Trans N'

  • Bio-Trans N' reduces/inhibits loss of water vapour and allows better water retention in the plant. Overall, Bio-Trans N' reduces the stomatal opening and increases the plants' resistance to water vapour diffusion without affecting carbon dioxide uptake. This factor allows the plants to continue the production of food even during drought-like situations and increased cold weather.
  • Bio-Trans N' application on seedlings and new transplants enables healthier early rooting.
  • Bio-Trans N' acts as an excellent plant de-stressing agent during drought, frost and cold weather.
  • Application of Bio-Trans N' also allows extended post-harvest keeping and anti-drying up quality.
  • Bio-Trans N' is completely organic and eco-friendly.

Dosage of Bio-Trans N'

# Crops Dosage Application SOP
1 Vegetables: Chillies, Tomato,Egg Plant, Gaurds,Lentils, Cluster beans, French Beans, leek, Okra, Cucumber, Melon, Gherkins and other cucurbits. Cereals & Millets 3 ml/ 1 Litre of water. Pre-flowering stage. Fruit setting, 10 days before harvest
2 Other Vegetables: Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Celery, Lettuce, 3 ml/ 1 Litre of water. Pre-flowering stage. Pea size
3 Tuber crops: Potato, carrot,Beetroot, Cassava, Sweet potato 3 ml/ 1 Litre of water. Vegetative stage. Tuber setting stage. 10 days before harvest.
4 Fruit trees: Apples, Pears, Orange,Citrus, Mango, Plums, Peaches, Date palm, Persian fruit, Avocado 5 ml/ 1 Litre of water. Pre-flowering stage. Fruit setting, 10 days before harvest
5 Legumes & Pulses: Cowpea, Chickpea, Green Black gram 5 ml/ 1 Litre of water. Pre-flowering stage. Fruit setting, 10 days before harvest

Application of Bio-Trans N'

  • For optimum benefit, ensure that thorough application which covers the entire crop is carried out. User may have to take into account the growth and density of the crops and adjust the application rate accordingly.
  • User may choose to increase spraying intervals based on the extremity of the weather condition.
  • Bio-Trans N' can be used with any other foliar applications.
  • Always add water to Bio-Trans N' and proceed to stir well.
  • Wash/Clean instruments and containers immediately after use.

Specification of Bio-Trans N'

Recommended Dosage: 3-5 ml per litre of water

Packing: 100/250/500/1000 ml