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About PM Agro Biotech

PM Agro Biotech was established to drive the promotion of biological and botanical based agro products on a national and global scale. Our range of bio-products encompassing Organic Fertilizers, Bio-Fertilizers, Biological and Botanical Pest Management Products and Solutions are produced and procured from the best available resources. This ensures that the quality, safety and the efficacy of our products meet the highest standards applicable internationally.

Constant inputs from renowned researchers, using the latest technological advancements in crop biotechnology is pursued vigorously in the production of our products. Constant association with leading industry players dedicated to the advancement of safe agro products are a constant and continuous practice by PM Agro Biotech. All our products are used in our own farms to verify the benefits and belief that our products are indeed what are designed and developed for.

In addition to our products, PM Agro Biotech also actively participates in providing advice and assistance on precision farming and the advance of hi-tech farming methods to boost the yield of crops which will directly help the most important job on this planet ..farming!.

Making Tomorrow Better From Today

Making tomorrow better from today…is the responsibility of every person. Each single human being can contribute to a better tomorrow in some way. Based on this belief, PM Agro Biotech strives to promote a healthy and safe agriculture community by embracing the organic way in procuring and producing bio-agro products. The global move towards consumption of safe food begins from the global food cultivators – the farmers. As the farmers contribute their energy and soul to the cultivation of food, PM Agro Biotech contributes in providing products and services to complement their efforts.

While the efforts to address many global concerns such as global warming has seen encouraging participation from prominent global powers, the move towards a safe food cultivation is limited to the consumers and agro community to embrace products and practices in encouraging living the organic life. PM Agro strives to contribute towards this lifestyle through our bio-agro products.

We believe that together, we can…make tomorrow better..from today!