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The world has come to accept that the use of excessive chemical fertilizers since the end of the second world war has caused more harm to the global communities than any other health concerns. And this is purely manmade!. The damage to the soil, waterways, atmosphere as well as the farming community has reached an alarming stage. As a result of this, there is a clear and conscious attempt the world over to for Organic Food!.

However, obtaining organic food is part of a supply chain beginning with the inputs into crop cultivation such as fertilizers, pest and disease management as well as the safe processes practiced by the farmers. PM Agro Biotech is part of this important supply chain in producing and procuring safe agro products for the farming community to ensure that the food we eat is safe.

The advancement of the extraction technology has availed modern methodology in sourcing and producingefficient and effective biological, botanical and eco-friendly agro products to ensure that crop yield is increased significantly to meet the growing demand for safe food. In addition to the continuous scientific researches which constantly offer us better and improved biological solutions to replace the conventional dependence on chemical products, we hope that a complete organic solution will not be far away.

Be safe, eat safe food – Embrace the Organic life style!.

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